Nov 23, 2010


12 Steps to a better America, starting with an attitude of THANKSGIVING:

Thank God for our men and women in uniform, especially those serving overseas: God Bless you, we are grateful for you.
Hold your elected officials accountable. Never leave them unattended.

Any time you lose hope or become discouraged, remember that past American Patriots have done great things in worse times.
Now is the time to praise God abundantly.
Keep toiling to make this country great, even when we have won a battle. The war is not yet over.
Start every day as if it's your last.
Give generously of your time and your smiles.
Instill in your children an appreciation for beauty, truth, and virtue.
Visit a monument or memorial.
Instigate a discussion of the finer things.
Notice a need and meet it.
Go to and get involved!